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      Meet The Team2020-08-19T15:56:11+01:00
      Britt Megahey
      Britt MegaheyFounder and Managing Director

      Our greatest asset is undoubtedly our people. We really know what we are talking about and pride ourselves on delivering outstanding levels of customer service. As a company we invest heavily in the continuing professional development of our people to ensure that this never changes. Our management team is made up of experts in their chosen fields with decades of industry experience behind them.

      Senior Management

      Ian Megahey
      Ian MegaheyWorkPal Sales Director
      John Roulston
      John RoulstonSales Director
      Claire Finlay
      Claire FinlayFinance Manager
      Donna Williamson
      Donna WilliamsonHead of Services & Account Management
      Warren Black
      Warren BlackWorkPal Software Development Manager
      Michael Steinberg
      Michael SteinbergIT Services Manager
      Susan Haddock
      Susan HaddockConnections & Implementation Manager