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    1. About Ashleigh Black

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      So far Ashleigh Black has created 36 blog entries.

      Communicating Effectively While Working From Home


      Communicating Effectively While Working At Home Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. A pretty fitting quote with the current economic situation. Coronavirus (Covid-19) has had everyone looking for new ways to continue to operate their businesses from remote locations i.e. their homes. Thankfully with 21st century technology, the option of working from home does not need [...]

      Communicating Effectively While Working From Home2020-03-19T14:42:56+00:00

      Disaster Recovery: Are You Prepared?


      How would it affect your business if you were forced to close office premises for a period of time? Many businesses will have plans for disaster recovery and continuity of operations - but do these include your business telecoms?

      Disaster Recovery: Are You Prepared?2020-03-11T12:15:26+00:00

      Benefits of Remote Working


      The Benefits of Remote Working Is it time to review your existing communications system? No business can afford to stand still. Companies that are responsive, agile and adaptable are best placed for today’s fast-changing business environment. Businesses have to respond to a wide range of factors, some of which may be unplanned [...]

      Benefits of Remote Working2020-03-06T12:58:56+00:00

      Barclay Group Awarded Second Gamma Partnership Status


      Northern Ireland’s largest and most established unified communications provider, Barclay, has been awarded as both a Gamma Platinum Partner and Technical Alliance Partner. This additional accreditation authenticates our in-depth technical knowledge and experience with Gamma’s market-leading Fixed line and VoIP technology. We have established a strong relationship with the technical team at Gamma giving us [...]

      Barclay Group Awarded Second Gamma Partnership Status2019-11-08T16:11:33+00:00

      A Guide to O2 5G


      Welcome to the 5th generation. O2s 5G has just launched today in major cities all across the UK. Heres a guide to everything 5G and what you, as a business mobile customer, can expect from the latest and greatest in 5th generation technology from the UK's leading network for business mobiles.

      A Guide to O2 5G2019-10-17T09:48:56+01:00

      Barclay Communications Proud To Support U18 Hockey Boys Team


      Barclay Communications Proud To Support Ulster Hockey We are delighted to announce our full year sponsorship of the U18 Ulster Hockey boys team.? In a joint collaboration with WorkPal, we endeavour to support the development of youth sports. ?"We realise how important sports are to young people and are proud to [...]

      Barclay Communications Proud To Support U18 Hockey Boys Team2019-10-03T15:10:08+01:00

      iPhone 11 Available at Barclay Communications


      Apple has just recently announced the launch of its latest in the iPhone collection. The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max will be available to order through Barclay Communications from Friday 20th September or pre-order from 13th September.

      iPhone 11 Available at Barclay Communications2019-09-11T16:07:59+01:00

      Dress Down for Families with Ups & Down


      Dress Down for Families with Ups & Down? For the past 6 months, Barclay Communications have been running "Dress Down Fridays" in order to raise money for various charities across Northern Ireland. Each quarter we select a charity that has a close connection to our employees. This time it was Families with [...]

      Dress Down for Families with Ups & Down2019-09-05T12:37:05+01:00