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    1. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

      Let’s talk about the Samsung Galaxy Fold Z 2 – “The most futuristic phone of 2020”.


      Weight: 282g
      Dimensions (Unfolded):?159.2 x 68 x 16.8mm
      Dimensions (Folded): 159.2 x 128.2 x 6.9mm
      Display size: 7.6-inch / 6.2-inch
      Software: Android 10, OneUI 2.5
      Rear cameras: 12MP + 12MP + 12MP
      Front cameras: 10MP + 10MP
      Battery: 4,500mAh
      IP Rating: Not waterproof

      Whether you love it or hate it, the Samsung Galaxy Fold Z 2 has been declared 2020’s most futuristic mobile device and it would be hard to deny that. Falling somewhere between a mobile phone and tablet, the new foldable device gives users double the screen size to play with.

      Its design is much more robust than its previously failed models. Everything about the new Fold 2 feels stronger, especially the retooled hinge that can prop open the phone at multiple positions.

      The decluttered screen is a win with its users. While Flex Mode is limited to a few apps right now, it feels very clean compared to a one-screened smartphone in which elements would appear overlaid.

      It has five perfectly good cameras, including three on the back – regular, ultrawide and telephoto. But with a 2x optical and 10x digital zoom here, Samsung’s best camera phone remains the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, thanks to its stunning 5x optical and 50x digital zoom. Money can’t buy everything in one phone.

      The device will lighten your wallet by £1,799, rivaling that of some of the best laptops on the market.

      The Verdict


      • Much bigger front Cover Display
      • Refined second-gen hinge
      • Improved split-screen software


      • As expensive as phones come
      • Lacks Samsung’s best cameras
      • No microSD card slot

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