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    1. Office 3652019-06-03T11:54:17+01:00

      Giving businesses secure, cloud-based access to documents, email, contacts and shared calendars.


      The Office 365 package includes

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      Business-class email & shared calendars with 50GB of storage per user. (Option to customise inboxes)


      Send attachments up to 25MB


      The latest anti-spam & anti-malware


      Latest Office Client versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook


      Automatically updated


      On demand and ready to stream to any PC or Mac, smartphone or tablet


      Store, share and manage documents in the cloud


      Internal and external teams can work together on and share projects


      Unlimited personal storage with OneDrive for Business


      An easy way to communicate with multi-party participants


      HD video conferencing, online meetings and instant messaging


      Real time note-taking and document sharing

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